National Business & Economic Commission

Commission Chairman

Name     :   Tan Ting Jin (Jin Tan)

About The Commission:

The commission aims to motivate JCI members to secure and bolster economic opportunities at the local, national and world-wide levels.

2021 Initiatives are focused on sustaining, then revitalizing economies in the wake of COVID-19 through a trio of avenues.

Work Scopes

  • To sustain and rebuild economies and workforce morale as we face the impact of COVID-19 together.
  • To work with all sectors of society to make economies and workforces more resilient for the future.
  • Primary Focus –  “Business Recovery” – Sustaining & Rebuilding Economies.
  • Second Tier Focus – “Workforce Motivation”.
  • Third Tier Focus – “Mental health and the role it plays in the workforce”.
Jin Tan 2021

What’s Happening in 2021

NBECC JCIM Business & Economic Plan 2021

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