Michael Ong Consulting Services
December 31,2020

Michael Ong Consulting Services

Michael Ong Consulting Services are expertise in Chinese Metaphysics related services such as Feng Shui Consult, Destiny Reading (BaZi Reading), Qi Men Dun Jia (Divination), and Selecting Date for Marriage, Cesarian, and Business Opening.
I have 10 years of experience in Chinese Metaphysics and have conducted several live workshops for some of my students. I also serve as a business consultant from the cafe franchisor, Insurance Agency, and also Retail Businesses. Our services not only limited to the local client but also we are serving a lot of clients from America and also a European country. With the help of the advancement of technology we are able to do Feng Shui House/Office assessment online and also video conference.
Do you ever hear of Cosmic Trinity where many people are talking about Heaven Luck, Earth Luck & Man Luck?
Let me shed some light here:
BaZi Reading also known as Destiny Reading used your date and time of birth to decode the hidden information about you, your talent, your strength, and your luck cycle. Hence in this stage, we called it diagnosis also govern by Heaven Luck.
Feng Shui is about the study of the invisible energy from the external landform and the purpose is to tune in the right energy flow to favor the occupant. In layman terms, it enhances the opportunity. we called this medication stage also govern by Earth Luck.
Date Selection is about to execute the plan that you are going to take. Hence selecting a good date will help you boost the result that you want it to be. Don’t you think the above process is just like how you consult a doctor?  First, the doctor diagnosis your sickness, then the doctor prescribes your medication and he will also tell you the time to eat to ensure the medication is effective and ensure you are not overdose. Hence this is governed by the Man Luck.
Qi Men Dun Jia is about the art of divination where often the business owners would ask for a forecast on a decision. The famous Master of Qi Men Dun Jia is Zhu Ge Liang back then during the Era of Three Kingdom. He used this to forecast a winning of a battle. In modern-day, we don’t have war but we do have businesses that are similar to war every day.
Interested to know more about yourself you may contact me and I’m looking forward to working with you closely.
ROC Number SA0544504-M