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3 Noblehouse International Trust Ltd Noblehouse International Trust Ltd. has become a leading
provider of Corporate Secretarial and Fiduciary services in
Labuan because:

1. Someone you can trust to manage your wealth
2. We've been in this field since 1991
3. Cost Effective Solutions
4. Experience Delivering Successful Solutions
Service Office Plans +608 7419 755 Labuan, Malaysia
4 One Pay Solution We provide various of payment method for every company
to make sure the targets can be achieved. Our exceptional
service will help your business get more customers in the
door. Our specialized experience in the business stands
ready to keep you ahead of the competition. Minimize your
cost and generate maximum return!
1. Payment Gateway
2. WeChat OFFICIAL Account
+6016 318 8811 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2 Mr Mic Karaoke A family karaoke Affordable Karaoke Room/Head Price
Affordable Dining
+606 9514 005 Muar, Johor, Malaysia
5 Super Dry International Super Dry is the world's leading supplier of desiccants and
moisture damage prevention solutions. Super Dry products
are widely used in virtually all the world's major
manufacturing industries during ocean transport. Super Dry
was established in Singapore in 2000 by professionals with
experiences in manufacturing, ocean transport and
surveying. As of 2012, Super Dry has 3 factories, 1 R&D
centre and over 40 offices worldwide. The Super Dry R&D
centre in Shenzhen is the most advanced of its kind in the
world utilizing the most sophisticated equipment and
testing technology to ensure our products are the safest
and effective available.
Super Dry 6 Core Advantages

1. Absorbs up to 300% of its own weight depending on mix
and packaging
2. Moisture turns into gel, leakage free
3. Once moisture has been absorbed by Super Dry it
cannot evaporate and return into the environment
4. Broad application temperature range from -5°C — 90°C
5. Non Toxic and DMF free
6. Patented designs and various relevant certifications
+65 6224 5226 Betime Bldg. Singapore
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