National Partnership Commission

Commission Chairman

Name     :

Damian Khaw Lok Juang

About The Commission:

This commission’s primary function is to add value to JCI Malaysia & it’s members in forming meaningful partnerships with private corporations, government agencies & non-government organizations that increases impact, activism, ownership, & loyalty among members.

Objectives of The Commission

  • Identify the collaborative opportunities with private corporations, government agencies & NGO.
  • Form meaningful partnerships that benefit JCI Malaysia Members & Endorsed Partners in carrying out each other’s mission & objectives.
  • To increase impact & results at local, area & national level.

Work Scopes

  • Research & Identify problems, limitations & challenges faced by JCI Malaysia Members.
  • Identify partners who can provide solutions to the challenges faced by offering their expertise in a collaborative manner without further 
  • Understand & leverage on JCIM & partner’s resources to create higher impact in each parties’ organization, personal, & brand image.
Damian Khaw Lok Juang

What’s Happening in 2021

Key Highlights of 2021 from JCIM & Partners

  1. Financing Resources
  • Higher Grants Access

To propose specific quotas from potential partners in securing grants to help JCIM members sustain their entrepreneurial career.

  • Higher SME Loan Access

To propose higher accessibility to SME loans for eligible JCIM members to scale up their business.

2. Ecosystem Development Resources

  • Business Acumen Trainings

To propose access to business skill elevation courses with minimal or no cost for JCIM members that can be immediately applied to their entrepreneurial career.

  • Business Promotion, Networking & Referral 

To propose access to an existing business ecosystem that allows JCIM members to promote & receive higher referral rates to sustain their business.

  • Higher Awareness in Identifying stressors

To conduct Mental Health Day with certified partners to create awareness & educate JCIM members on Identifying emotional stressors in their personal life. 

  • Solutions to Mental Health

To provide JCIM members solutions that they may not be aware of from mental health professionals. 

  • Certified & Recognized Mental Health Providers

To provide JCIM members a list of mental health services that are readily available to them to maintain mental health

  • Access to Special Privileges, Points & Rewards in specific platforms

To propose special discounts, rebates, points & rewards for high utility platforms (eg: Grab) that allows JCIM members to enjoy as both consumer & listed service providers.


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