National Skills Development Commission

Commission Chairman

Name     : Zelt Kueh Jing Tuang

About The Commission:

To elevate the standard of JCI Malaysia trainings to empower personal and leadership development in JCIM members and provide development opportunities for JCIM members to be competent trainers

Work Scopes

  • To provide skills development related support and toolkits to JCIM Local Organizations
  • To provide support and guidance to JCI Malaysia members along their Trainer’s Pathway
  • To initiate JCI Malaysia training policy review to elevate the standard of JCI Malaysia Skills Development Commission

JCIM National Skills Development Commission Chairman

Zelt Kueh – [email protected]

JCIM National Skills Development Commission Secretary

Avis Lai – [email protected]

JCIM Area North Skills Development Director

Zoey Tang – [email protected]

JCIM Area Central South Skills Development Director

Yee Teck Ji – [email protected]

JCIM Area Sarawak Skills Development Director

Grace Kho – [email protected]

JCIM Area Sabah Skills Development Director

Daphne Lo – [email protected]

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